The Africa|Nosy Art Echange facilitates the cultural exchange between young artists from mainland Africa and those of its surrounding islands. ANAE looks for existing networks to work through, or if there are none it works with local artists to initiate them. It also supports artist-lead networks that develop through exchange.

In a capital-driven art world favoring centers, valuable contributions by producers and critics of culture living at the margins are often missed. ANAE looks at individual artists and existing networks outside of the dominant institutions, mapping them into the larger global network of arts, as well as helping creating a title from which artists who prefer to collaborate on an individual level can manouver through.

In early 2010, South African and Malagasy artists (Rakotoarivony Tahina, Conor Ralphs and Meghan Judge) – surprised at a historic lack of knowledge and dialogue between the two countries – began a discussion to create an artistic exchange program. This was intended to promote the intercultural exchange of artistic knowledge and resources between artists of two countries. The Africa|Nosy Art Echange began…

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