Tahina Rakotoarivony from Is’Art Galerie has planned an urban arts festival in Antananarivo (and sometimes other Malagasy cities such as Majhanga and Antsiranana), in Madagascar annually since 2014 to the present year called Festival D’Art Urbain. Since it’s start, ANAE has contributed to both the organising of this festival-come-residency as well as focused specifically on expanding the arts network within Madagascar through neighbouring countries within the Indian Ocean as well as on the African continent by inviting a diverse range of artists to participate and exchange (so far Comores, Reunion, Seychelles, Zambia, Kenya, DR Congo, Benin, Zimbabwe and South Africa). The aim has been for artists to share knowledge/skills, collaborate and build/strengthen arts-based networks that make sense according to this geography.

To find out more please visit the website: www.teinturerie-isart.com

Fastival dArt report 2014  |  Fastival dArt report 2015  |  Fastival dArt report 2016


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